Bridal hair accessories for your spring wedding

Bridal hair accessories for your spring wedding

Springtime is a beautiful time of the year. The world wakes up from its winter slumber; spring emerges with a burst of colours, scents and wildlife. It is seen as a season of hope, renewal, harmony and beauty. 

It is an enchanting season where brides are planning to exchange their vows and are often influenced and drawn to the delicate blossoming spirit of this season. This often translates through to a brides wedding hair accessories. So, as a bride, what bridal hair accessories should you choose for your spring wedding?

crowning spring glory – headdresses for your spring wedding

Crowns are a must have right now, and if you’re looking the essence of Spring with a bridal tiara or crown then there are a few headdresses you cannot go far wrong with.  They are not only enchanting and romantic, but they are also a great opportunity to harmonise your outfit with Spring’s canvas of nature.

1.Paloma crown – a spring bridal hair accessory

For centuries women have worn floral crowns for special occasions and most importantly their wedding nuptials.  So, what better way to embrace your spirted Spring nature than with the Paloma bridal crown

Wedding hair accessory model images – Iris and Ivy Photography

With its carefree spirit, and whimsical nature it looks just as fabulous with loose flowing waves as it does with a tousled updo. This hair accessory is a real explosion of flowers, and will suit a blossoming spring beautifully.

2.enchanted wedding crown – embrace nature

If you’re looking to truly embrace the Spring time festivities, with all its wonderful wildlife, or perhaps a festival wedding with an outdoorsy feel,  then the Enchanted Crown could be right up your street. With it’s playful take on butterflies, bees and birds. Decorated in between mounds of blossoms.  It is a meandering nature inspired crown that is truly captivating.

The Enchanted Crown – images by Emma Pilkington

Sophie Ruck photography

bridal combs and hair pins for a spring time symphony

Spring is synonymous with flowers, blossoms, budding blooms and butterflies and bees emerging into the warm sun. So below, I’ve put a collection together of flora and fauna hair pin accessories that you can choose for your spring wedding.

1.delilah hair pins – choose understated elegance

The Delilah hair pins are sculpted flowers with the prettiest petals which are finished with buttery cream freshwater pearls. Simplicity at its best. They are oversized, but delicate and textured in nature. Pop them into any bridal updo, and wait for the complements.

The Delilah hair pins and Bellflower earrings


A beautiful bouquet of prettiness in your hair. Whether you’re wearing a bridal bun, or hair half up half down, then Zinnia is for you. Clustered and packed with handmade blossoms and leaves, along with freshwater pearls, it’s handmade heaven. Decorate over a veil for the ceremony, and then slide out the veil comb, and you’re still left with the prettiness of this floral comb.

Zinnia bridal hair comb

3. painted lady hair pins – a butterfly lovers dream

Embrace the outdoors theme with the Painted lady hair pins. The season is bursting with flowers and butterflies, so these hair pins won’t look out of place at a Spring wedding. Not to mention going with any gown you choose to wear.

Painted Lady Hair Pins – images by Emma Pilkington

Embrace this vibrant season

Spring is such a beautiful time of year to get married with its visually stunning and romantic backdrop of colour, freshness and blossoming flowers; so it is no surprise that you are probably drawn to more floral or nature inspired wedding hair accessories.

I have so many more styles for you to choose from so for more ideas please do have a browse of my online store

Pick what you love, embrace it, and celebrate this wonderous season of colour and life. x

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