Delilah Floral Hair Pins


Delilah Handmade bridal floral hair pins

Oh my goodness, the Delilah handmade floral bridal hair pins are the ultimate in luxury. I’ve sculpted the flowers into the prettiest petals and finished them with buttery cream freshwater pearls.

They come as a set of 6.

HOW TO STYLE the delilah handmade bridal floral hair pins

You can slide them into a bun, or an elegant ponytail. In fact, any updo will look stunning with a set of these pins. Easy to style, as they just slip anywhere in an updo. You can even pop these in yourself.

And if you have fine hair, it’s easy to secure the hair pins in place with some bobby pins – just let me know if you require any and I can pop them into your box. There are 6 pins in total, and each can be styled anywhere in an updo. And because they come as a set of 6 and there is a mix of sizes, there are plenty of pins to decorate.

Each pin is set on Silver or gold U shaped hairpins.


Finished in one of my beautiful white gift boxes and wrapped with white ribbon with gold Laurel Lime labelling. This makes it a perfect gift to give a loved one, friend or family member. Each Set comes with a single signature tag with my LL logo to finish it off perfectly.

In addition, the pins will be packaged in acid free tissue paper to ensure your headdress stays free from dust and stays clean.

CAN I VISIT YOU TO TRY THese hair pins ON?

If you would like to view and try on a headpiece or jewellery or can’t decide which piece to choose then why not book an appointment to my studio in south Birmingham.

Model images: Emma Pilkington Photography




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