Should I wear a Tiara on my wedding day?

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Should I wear a tiara on my wedding day?

Are you considering wearing a tiara or crown for your wedding day?  Styles have moved on dramatically in recent years and are now very different from the large, sparkly princess tiaras that would be lined up on shelves in bridal shops, but should you wear a tiara on your wedding day?

Nowadays, you can find headdresses that better reflect your personality and personal style.  It’s easier to find crowns and tiaras that are more meaningful to you and your wedding day.  And after being unpopular for a few years, tiaras and crowns are now back in fashion.  And I think we have a couple of royal weddings to thank for that. But, what beautiful weddings they were. 

So what is the etiquette for wearing a tiara? Should you wear them, and what style should you choose?

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Tiaras and Crowns and how they were worn throughout history

I guess to understand the role of the tiara in our modern age, I should briefly explain its tradition and roots.  The wearing of tiaras goes back a very long way, and they were worn in very basic form as far back as the 1st century by the Greeks in the Olympic games.  Around the same time, the wives of Roman emperors would wear headbands that resembled more modern day headdresses.

Much as it did more recently, tiaras went out of fashion throughout the Middle Ages, and we did not see a revival until the late 18th century where really, only the royalty and aristocrats, and eventually, the upper classes would wear them. They were often designed to match the colour of their ornate and beautifully made gowns.

Ballerina Tiara – wear this tiara for a more traditional styled wedding look for a modern bride. 

Astrid Tiara is a minimalist pearl wedding crown design for modern brides that want beauty and simplicity. 

The meaning behind wearing a tiara

Age old tradition follows that only brides were supposed to wear tiaras on their wedding day. It was a symbol for the loss of their innocence and ‘crowning’ of love. After the wedding, married women could also wear tiaras.  Thankfully, times have changed and they now have more meaning for you as the bride, than they do for the wider society.  It is no longer about your status in social, or societal circles, and very much about showing your personality.


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things to consider when choosing and wearing tiaras


What will your bridal Hair style be?

Nowadays, tiaras can be enjoyed by anyone, but there are a few basic rules (actually, I’m not keen on this word in regards to weddings; I prefer the word suggestions, after all, it’s your choice).

Firstly, consider your hair style.  This is important for all headdresses, but for tiaras in particular some hair styles may be more suitable than others. It’s fashionable to have your hair down right now, with a gorgeous centre parting and the tiara placed on the head just an inch or so from your hair line. You need to place it far enough back that it’s comfortable, but still visible and looks correctly centred. I’d consider the tiaras and crowns that sit upright such as ANNABEL or HAZEL, rather than angled forwards. It will be easier to secure.

If you are wearing your hair up, then you have a greater choice, and can go for more classic style tiaras and crowns such as NIGHTINGALE or BALLERINA  as these can be secured into your updo hair style. They do look particularly beautiful with a bridal bun and soft styled curls.

The Nightingale tiara is a great style for any romantic bride looking for a non sparkly, sophisticated style

Can I wear a veil with a tiara?

You can certainly wear a veil. In fact, with a tiara, wearing a veil is very simple.  Try not to attach the veil to your headdress. It’s not a must, but if it’s a really long, or heavy veil, it will pull at the tiara.  If you do, then you’ll need to consider that you will be wearing your veil all day. If you are styling your hair up, then the veil can be secured where your hair is pinned.  If you are wearing your hair down with your tiara, then the hair stylist will need to use either small elastic bands, or bobby pins.  If you can wear a veil with a metal comb, this is preferable to a plastic one, as it will be less bulky.

Should I consider my face shape when choosing a tiara style?

It is a good idea to remember that we all have different shaped faces.  Trying to match the correct style to flatter your face shape is a good idea:

  • A rectangle defined face will benefit from a smaller, more delicate tiara. Nothing too tall. Especially if you are choosing a hair up wedding style.
  • A square shaped face can look gorgeous with a more upright crown, to elongate the face and draw attention to your gorgeous cheekbones.
  • If you have an oval or diamond shaped face, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Most styles will suit you. 
  • Heart shaped faces will benefit from styles that are closer to the face – so a tiara or crown that is flatter and more like a vine will accentuate the pretty features. Or something asymmetrical will draw focus down.
Wedding tiaras and how to wear them

Midsummer Wedding Crown perfect for a festival, or country style wedding wearing your hair down.

Last thoughts on wearing a tiara

 As a fan of the more minimalist look, I’d suggest not wearing too much other jewellery with a tiara. If you do, keep it simple.

And lastly, don’t mix your metals.  If you’re wearing silver jewellery, then wear a silver tiara.  The same goes for gold.  It’s more elegant.



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“It’s very important to have two tiaras when you’re on the road; you never know when you’ll be invited to really formal”

 – Elton John