Thoughtful and Considered Accessories & Jewellery for the Heartfelt Modest Bride

Wedding Hair Accessories and Jewellery Studio in the Heart of England


Wedding Hair Accessories and Jewellery

From nature, to special places and moments in time, to memories… My brand aesthetic is simple, delicate and pared back. From the moment I received my first piece of jewellery from my grandfather, I was drawn into the world of making. Weddings are my passion.

All my curated Bridal Hair Accessories are handmade in the UK. I adore the hand crafted elements of my work. And it is a delight to make heirloom pieces for my brides to wear on their wedding day and beyond.

Whether you are looking for bridal headdresses, wedding hair vines, tiaras, crowns, or jewellery.  I have a made to order collection for you. Designed for comfort and light to wear, each adornment can be customised for you.


” I’ve wanted this tiara for the longest time for our big day… my mum bought it for me for Christmas this year and honestly it’s the most beautifully exquisite thing I think I’ve ever ever owned!

Not only that but Becky was so amazing with helping since we ordered super last thing. Thank you, thank you thank you, it’s everything I wanted and more! And so beautifully packaged! “


Bridal Accessories and Jewellery



Where my story began…

My passion for jewellery began a long time ago, with one little act of love from my grandfather.

As a gift when I was little, a little thank you for being me, my grandfather (grandpa) gave me a little Gisela Gottschlich Girl locket.
The chain is broken, the pictures inside are long gone, but my love for it, my grandfather and all the memories I have of him, are among my most precious things.

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