Repurpose meaningful jewellery or accessories for your wedding

Repurpose meaningful jewellery or accessories for your wedding

Are you looking to repurpose meaningful jewellery or accessories for your wedding day? Perhaps you have a special item with sentimental value that you have been given by a loved one and would like it restored so you can wear it when you say your vows.

These items may have been worn by your mother or grandmother on their own wedding days, and then they were given to you. These items might be your mother or grandmothers old tiara or veil; a loved ones necklace, bracelet or brooch.

If you have a meaningful item of jewellery that you don’t wear but cherish the person and memories associated with it, then repurposing it into something you can wear for your own wedding day is a wonderful symbol of your love and commitment to your partner and family traditions.

You have these beautiful, and memorable keepsakes that you have heartfelt memories associated with and wouldn’t it be wonderful to personalise them and make them part of your special wedding day.

Lisa came to me with her brooch that her Gran had cherished.

” I messaged Becky about making a hair pin from a flower brooch I had which had sentimental value and she did a great job of converting it to a pin in a similar style to the hair pins I’d already purchased and kept me update on progress throughout. I would thoroughly recommend to any potential bride or someone looking for quality hair accessories and jewellery for a special occasion. Thanks Becky! x”

Rachel’s story and her mothers tiara

clay flower, pearl and crystal headdress sat on an embroidered white veil showing how to repurpose meaningful jewellery or accessories for your wedding with the brides mothers veil.

Breeshey’s story and  meaningful accessory

Erin asked me to repurpose her mother’s wedding veil, and replicate her bridal halo.

“I had the most amazing day and everybody commented on my halo and veil. It was so delicate and exactly what I wanted to complement my flowers and dress. 

My bridesmaids also loved their combs!

Thank you again for your excellent service, your enthusiasm when designing my halo and, of course, the amazing finished product. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anybody for your personal service and creativity!”

how to create meaning with repurposing an existing piece of jewellery


No matter how you choose to repurpose your accessory or jewellery, make sure it becomes a piece that you can love and cherish for years to come.

Here are some ideas to help you with this:

  • Start your journey with this early if you can.  As it will be a cherished item, it will take a little time to decide on, design and create the right piece that you will love.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want. This is what I am here to help with. We can discuss ideas, and designs and find the perfect creation to symbolise the love you have for your loved one.
  • Think about how much your piece of jewellery means to you, and how you’d like it to represent the meaning you have for it.  This can help you visualise how it will fit into your wedding.
  • Remember this is a great way to incorporate sustainability into your wedding planning.
  • Do you want to be able to return your item of jewellery or accessory, back into its original form?  This may be possible, so please just ask.
  • This is wonderful way  to create a truly unique and meaningful item of jewellery to reflect your personal style and will give it a new lease of life.

1 ~ step one repurposing – get in touch


You can fill in the form below,  and share details about your wedding day and vision; along with the story behind your treasured item of jewellery that you would like to be repurposed.  Provide the wedding date if you know it, your venue, your dress, bridesmaid colours and any other information you think I should know. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve forgotten something, we’ll be chatting a lot through the process.


2 ~ step two – questions about your accessory and jewellery


Once i receive your enquiry, I’ll respond as soon as I can. I usually reply within 24 hours, in working hours.  If I need more information I’ll let you know. it is just a chat at this stage, and allows me to understand your vision  for your day.


3 ~ step three – the redesign of your accessory or jewellery

From our correspondence I’ll provide you with your proposal of sketches, time scales and a quote. This will include the materials I use and size of the design. We can make any changes you need to the design.


4 ~ step four – deposit and creation of your design 

I request a 50% non refundable deposit, and then I can start your design. I’ll send you some close up images of your accessory or item of jewellery as it is being made. And you can make any minor changes you’d like at this stage. 


5 ~ step five – completion of redesign

Once your beautiful unique wedding accessory or item of jewellery is finished, you’ll receive your final images. With the balance paid, your special wedding hair accessory or item of jewellery is all ready to go. You choose whether to collect your beautifully packaged order in person, or have it posted to your door. 

Rachel wanted her mum’s bridal tiara repurposed into a headdress for her own wedding

“Hi Becky,  
The hair piece arrived this morning and it’s stunning! Even more beautiful in person. Thank you SO much for making that, mum and I are so pleased with how it’s come out and it’s so special that you can see the pieces from her tiara in mine. 
We are so grateful! Thank you xxx”

let's chat about a repurposed design for you

    Photographer Chrystal Ding

     Amber Marie Photography

    Michael Dobkin – “Jewellery tells a story without even a single word – a non- verbal communication of style.”

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