The modern Downton Abbey – Achieve timeless wedding elegance with your hair accessories.

Modern Downton Abbey wedding hair accessories

Were you a big fan of Downton Abbey, and all the post Edwardian Era finery?  Even if you weren’t a fan of the actual show, you may well have loved the incredible fashion and all those jewels that the aristocracy in each of the series would wear. Downton Abbey has had many memorable weddings and hair accessories to inspire brides over the last 14 years; and it is hard not to completely fall in love with its immersion in to the prosperity, freedom and fashion of the 1920’s.

So, with that in mind, are you considering adding a little nod to Downton in your own wedding, perhaps being inspired by the hair accessories and jewellery that the cast wore through out the show? Well if you are, then I’ve picked a few of my headdresses that might be the perfect fit for your Downton-esque wedding day.

Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley beginning of series 3 Downton Abbey

Subtle hair pins and combs with a downton vibe

Art Nouveau downton abbey wedding hair pins

You don’t have to go all out with a Downton style tiara. You can echo the look with your dress, and hair style, and decorate with a dash of Art Nouveau hair pins, like Dawn Chorus . They are understated and beautiful with a ‘less is more’ feel to them.

Victorian Downton Abbey insect style hair pins

Downton Abbey is set in the early 20th century, but fashion and accessories still reflected the earlier Victorian age in the first series.  If you are looking for handmade accessories that are a little different, can be worn in wedding hair in an updo, and still feels ‘Downton’, then take a look at the Damselflies and butterfly hair pins

Image left: Pinterest Image right: Emma Pilkington

Edwardian style burnished wedding hair comb

Understated, but beautifully pearly with soft burnished gold accents. With Downton Abbey vibes, the Rosalind comb below is a truly unique style hair comb, that is the perfect hair companion for a wedding with an Edwardian edge.

Art deco era wedding hair comb

Perfect for a side swept hair style, or modern bob, the Goldfinch comb is for those looking for some sparkle. Not too large, and not too small, it has impact without the bulk of some crystal combs. It has a unique starburst design, and beautiful marquise stones and slim frame, making it light to wear.

Downton abbey tiaras for modern day brides

Downton Abbey bride – Edwardian era tiara

The Nightingale tiara below is a great style for any romantic bride looking for the non sparkly, sophisticated style of the Downton Abbey bride. The opulence of real pearls and a shapely look of a crown all echo this beautiful Edwardian era.

 Art Nouveau era wedding crown

I can’t let the Hazel wedding crown go unnoticed. Its delicate leafy gold accents and organic pearl elements are influenced by the Art Nouveau era, yet it is modern enough to allow you to pick your own Downton vibe. It is a light design, and will slip seamlessly into a wavy 1920’s bob, with soft silk veil.

Old world wedding tiara

Old world gold leaf silhouette details, the Astrid crown above blends traditional with modern. It is a minimalist pearl wedding crown design for modern brides that want beauty and simplicity, and looks graceful with a veil.

understated modern regal hair accessory

Channel your Countess of Grantham with the Ballerina tiara with its romantic delicate sparkle and low profile design. Countless scalloped tiny freshwater pearls decorating round chaton diamante stones creating a beautifully featured yet unfussy design.

Modern 1920’s lady rose headdress

Looking for a contemporary take on the 1920’s flapper headdress, like Lady Rose?  The Sweetpea headdress shown below is a crystal minimalist wedding hair wrap. You can simply pin the band in across the forehead to complete the look.

capturing the downton abbey glamour

From delicate 1920’s headbands to Edwardian jewelled tiaras, there are so many options for your hair accessories to evoke the elegance and sophistication of Downton Abbey on your wedding day,  Remember, the key is to ensure that your accessories complement your wedding gown and hair style as well as capturing the timeless glamour of the Downton eras.

Why not get in touch with me to chat about what hair accessories will suit and how you can incorporate them in to your special day.

Image by David Lindsay.  Sarah wore a Jenny Packham long sleeved cream dress encrusted in rice pearls and Swarovski crystals. It reflects softness and romance, similar to Lady Mary’s gown in Downton Abbey, with elegance and sophistication.  


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““It’s the job of married people to love each other. That’s all that really matters.” 

– Lady Edith Crawley.