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Bespoke and unique wedding hair accessories

Lets discuss a commission for your unique wedding accessory 

Creating bespoke and unique wedding hair accessories. Do you remember that moment when you found your dream wedding dress?  The ‘One’? It is an emotional moment, where you know it is exactly what you envisioned, you feel beautiful and it is just the most magical moment.

Now it is time to have that feeling all over again, with your perfect wedding hair accessories.

I want you to feel all that magic when you wear one of my bespoke and unique creations. In fact, seeing that magic come to life is a wonderful way for me to be part of your wedding journey; and it also means that I am fully invested emotionally in dreaming up, designing and creating your beautiful bespoke wedding hair accessory.

Amy wearing her bespoke hair accessory

” Hi Becky,  Oh wow I love it!!! Sooo pretty!! And the sapphire looks lovely in it too! How exciting :-)”

Millie and her 1930’s inspired headdress

“Thank you Becky!! It was the most perfect day! The headpiece was incredible; I got so many compliments and my new husband loved it!!”

Your personal connection to your bespoke and unique wedding hair accessories

I want to get to know you, and understand what is important to you about your wedding.  If you have found me, and my brand, then you’ll know how important personal connection is to what you are wearing on your wedding day. You’ll also be looking for accessories and jewellery that are beautiful, well made, environmentally sympathetic and meaningful.


Every hair accessory, or piece of jewellery I make is all handmade by me, in my small studio in Moseley, Birmingham. And every bespoke design is totally unique to you. No two pieces will be the same.  So, if you are looking for truly meaningful and beautifully made wedding hair accessories that are handmade here in the UK by a small jewellery artisan, then lets start your journey to creating that magic.

1 ~ step one of the bespoke service – get in touch


You can fill in the form below,  and share details about your wedding day and vision.  Start with the wedding date, your venue, your dress, bridesmaid colours and any other information you think I should know. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve forgotten something, we’ll be chatting a lot through the process.


2 ~ step two – questions


Once i receive your enquiry, I’ll respond as soon as I can. I usually reply within 24 hours, in working hours.  If I need more information I’ll let you know. it is just a chat at this stage, and allows me to understand your vision  for your day.


3 ~ step three – the bespoke design

From our correspondence I’ll provide you with your proposal of sketches, time scales and a quote. This will include the materials I use and size of the design. We can make any changes you need to the design.


4 ~ step four – deposit and creation

I request a 50% non refundable deposit, and then I can start your design. I’ll send you some close up images of your accessory as it is being made. And you can make any minor changes you’d like at this stage. 


5 ~ step five – completion of bespoke design

Once your beautiful bespoke and unique wedding accessory is finished, you’ll receive your final images. With the balance paid, your special wedding hair accessory or piece of jewellery is all ready to go. You choose whether to collect your beautifully packaged order in person, or have it posted to your door. 

Caroline chose a customised wedding hair comb

“Hi Becky, the wedding was perfect. The comb was so beautiful and worked out beautifully with my veil. Thank you for all your hard work!”

let's chat about a bespoke design

    Albert Einstein – “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else ever thought..”
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    Visit the Studio

    If you live near to South Birmingham, and would like to visit the studio why not make an appointment. You can then see and try on accessories to help you decide.