The Creative Design



The curation, the aesthetic, the handmade elements and how I work with you to create your bespoke accessories.


“I just wanted to say how delighted I was with my jewellery that you made for my wedding day.  I had so many comments throughout the day about my jewellery and particularly about my comb saying how ‘me’ the items were, as I’m not the tiara wearing sort of girl! 

You were so patient throughout the designing making process and you even changed the size of the necklace without any fuss. Thanks again.

Sarah Fenwick Stubbs


Each piece you see in the collection originated from little line sketches, photos and notes all taken from the creativity I see and feel around me.


creative process

Accessories the handmade way

Using my personal style for my jewellery to be made from memories; and a weakness for naturalistic forms, my final sketches are drawn and my accessories begin to be created.   

The creative design


I use a lot of tools for my job. Some are new and others were given to me over the years. Some of my favourite tools are quite old and given to me by family and friends. A little brass thimble, an old vintage Raybone boxwood folding ruler. So well used I can feel the imprints of all the hands that owned them, and a softness to the metal and wood that only comes with decades of use.

The tools I use

I have a collection of pliers, cutters and scissors that would put my shoe collection to shame. But all of them have their own purpose for different sized jobs, wires and metals.


Almost all the jewellery I make is small, delicate and quite intricate, so knowing I have small precision tools that are specific to each job is the most efficient way for me to work.

Creative Design
Creative Design
Creative Design


“Thanks again for what you did with the brooch – it’s beautiful and was much admired – and it was lovely to be wearing something that meant so much to me.”

Victoria Marsom.

Materials I work with

I have worked with a lot of materials over the 14 years I have been making accessories and jewellery. Metals including 9CT gold, sterling silver, Vermeil, filled gold, rose gold and all plated metals.

I love the silks and lace I work with. They are soft and satisfying to cut with sharp dressmaking scissors and add depth and definition to many designs.

Freshwater pearls (and Mother of Pearl) are one of my all time favourites (you’ll have heard this a lot if you follow my instagram page) to work with. They are durable and retain a wonderful lustre that will last for decades.  Many of my designs feature freshwater pearls.  I often work with glass pearls, Swarovski and Preciosa Crystals too for the abundance of colours, sizes and shapes which make them such a versatile option.

My ivory coloured flowers are all handmade by me here in the studio. I try to make them in small batches as I need them, with a few spare for rush orders.

Helen Keller – “The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”


Much of my design work is bespoke and customisation. This part of my work is so much fun because I get to bring your ideas to life.

Bringing you into the design process

You may have a good idea of what you would like made. Or you just know you want something different to what you’ve seen but don’t know how to turn it into something real.


This is where I can help you. I can customise any of my existing designs; or make something completely personal to you.

1. Get in touch

Send me an email, leave a message, or get in touch via social media with the date of your wedding and a few details about you.

Creative process

2. Send me details of your wedding.

Send me as much information about your wedding as you can. The date, the dress, hairstyles, venue, style, colours, Pinterest board. It all helps.

3. The designs

From our correspondence I’ll provide you with your proposal of sketches, time scales and a quote. This will include the materials I use and size of the design.

4. Deposit and Creation

I request a 50% non refundable deposit, and then I can start your design. I’ll send you some close up images of your accessory as it is being made. And you can make any minor changes you’d like at this stage. 

5. Completion of your design

Once your accessory is finished, you’ll receive your final images. With the balance paid your special piece is all ready to go. You choose whether to collect your beautifully packaged order in person, or have it posted to your door. 

Creative process
Creative process

Visit the Studio

If you live near to South Birmingham, and would like to visit the studio why not make an appointment. You can then see and try on accessories to help you decide.