Types of earring fittings

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types of earring fittings

and how to choose between them for your wedding day outfit.

Earring fittings, or earring fasteners, are the metal parts that attach into, or on, to your ears.  There are a variety of choices and styles to suit you and I thought I would a little guide below to explain the options and help you choose the right style for your wedding outfit.

In this article I am going to be discussing these types of earring fittings:

  1. Stud (Post) earrings
  2. Fish hook (and fancy) ear wires
  3. Kidney wire earrings
  4. Leverback earrings
  5. Hoop earrings
  6. Ear threader earrings
  7. Screw on and Clip on earrings – Non pierced earrings


 1.  Stud (post) earring fittings.

Pearl stud earrings on a cream clay dish.

Freshwater pearl studs

Probably the most common type of earring fitting.  A single straight post fits into the earlobe and is secured either with a butterfly, or rubber earring back. All my stud earrings feature sterling silver, or gold filled butterfly backs.

They are easy to put in, and are really secure with the butterfly back. The downside is that if the earrings have a long pin, they aren’t always comfortable to sleep in.

 2. Fish hook (and fancy) ear wires

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The fish hook ear wires can range from very simple ‘shepherds hook’ design to more fancy styles, and simply slide into the ear lobe. They are great when you are on the go and just want to easily slide the earring in and go. 

 3. Kidney wire earrings

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The kidney wire style have a hook latch at the back to make your ear wire a little more secure. They are an unobtrusive design for delicate jewellery.

 4. leverback earrings

Wallflower earrings 


Similar to the kidney wire earrings, the leverback style is a little more elegant, with a hinged fastening at the back which makes it more secure than the fish hook design. With a large easy opening to thread through the ear lobe.

 5. hoop earrings


Earring hoops are pretty much self explanatory, with varying diameters, and either a hinged fastening, or slide out section to thread through the ear. 

6. ear threader earrings


Ear threaders are very elegant, and are used with more delicate designs. They simply thread one end through the ear lobe, and out through the other side so that the decoration shows both front and back.

 7. screw on and clip on earrings – non pierced earrings 


Clip on earrings are probably the most popular non pierced earring option. The back flat pad simply snaps back out of the way to open, and then pops closed secure against the bottom of the ear. Screw-on options simply screw to loosen, or tighten.

So many earring options, how do you choose?

With so many styles, it can feel a little overwhelming but rest assured it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision to make. Firstly, consider your wedding outfit. Hoops and long earrings can work wonders for high necklines, especially if you aren’t wearing any other jewellery.

Studs, and smaller more delicate earrings are great if your gown has a lot of detail around the face, especially a lot of lace. If you want simple earrings that don’t move, and will look exactly as you put them in at the beginning of the day, then studs are for you. If you love the idea that your earrings will sway, and catch the light through the day, then go for longer, chandelier, dangly, or hoop earrings.

Evangeline hoop earrings

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