Bridesmaids Hairstyles and Accessories – What to consider.

Image – Lisa Carpenter Photography

Bridesmaids Hairstyles and Accessories – What to consider…

Planning your own wedding you may have a very clear picture of how you want your own hair styled. But if you have more than one bridesmaid, choosing a style to suit all your maids can be more difficult.  You want everyone to be happy, and ensure you are being true to your wedding and style.  

1. Wedding hair up styles.

This is one of the most popular trends for bridesmaids hair, so I felt it should be discussed first.  There are a few reasons why it’s popular. It can be a seamless way to bring cohesion to your wedding day. It’s also an excellent choice if it’s likely to be bad weather, or windy. You want some control over how those pictures will look. It can also bring an elegance, and more polished look to the occasion.  There are so many different styles to choose from it gives you the freedom to have everything you want.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles and Accessories

Rhianna and her Bridesmaids wearing their hair up.
Daffodil Waves Photography

A relaxed braid dropping into low bun for a softer look – Carter Hairpins
Jessica Apps Photography

2. Don’t be too stuck on one style.

Unless all your bridesmaids have quite similar hair – length or texture for example – then consider adapting each maids hair slightly. It’s better that the style is suited to each bridesmaid than all looking the same.  Again, think about those photographs.  They can still all wear their hair up, but perhaps a chignon would suit one maid, while a side bun might be better for another.

Shoulders and back of the head view of a bride. She stands in front of a stone wall. Her hair is dark and she has a curly bridal hair bun with Statement crystal wedding hair comb in.

Curly textured bun up do – Goldfinch Comb
Iris and Ivy Photography

French Twist hairstyle – Stargazer Hairpins
Nellie Photography

3. Matching hair accessories

If you do feel you want your bridesmaids to match, why not choose the same hair accessories instead.  Each of your lovely maids could wear the same pins or combs to create harmony. Perhaps a smaller version of what you might be wearing as the bride.

Violet hairpins

Violet Hairpins to complement Clematis Hairpins

Bride stands outside among trees in the country

4. Location and Weather.

I touched on this earlier, but your wedding location and weather should be considered. Perhaps your location is mainly outside, or a rugged coastline; you’re having a fun festival style, or more traditional farm wedding. A messy, twisted updo with flyaway tendrils will look just the ticket.

And if a gust of wind blows your way, no one will notice the odd flyaway hair.

Liberty Pearl Photography

Pendrell Hall

Clematis Hairpins

5. Hair Braids for all hair types.

Hair braids are perfect for soft, romantic styles of wedding. Braids add texture and interest.  They are also ideal for all hair types; whether your maids have fine hair, afro hair, or dead straight hair.  There are a plethora of accessories to choose from for braids. Everything is available to choose from. I particularly love small delicate hairpins scattered through the curved plaits. Even flowers can be popped in there if you don’t choose accessories.

Stone wall in background. Woman standing with her back to the camera in a low back, lace wedding gown and long loose braided hair with Small dainty blossom bridal hair pins scattered through.

Poppy Garden pins scattered through an undone braid
Iris and Ivy Photography

6. A recent trend for hairstyles has been the ponytail. 

It’s a style most women know well. But there are ways to jazz it up perfect for a wedding, and it’s a great informal style for bridesmaids to wear.

Why not give your bridesmaids a low knot ponytail, and embellish with a few pins – the darker the hair the more dramatic the accessories will look. You can pop hairpins that have decorative florals in, or a flash of diamante for a more formal event wedding.

Image of woman with dark hair in a low pony tail wearing modern minimalist leaf wedding hair pins

Low wrapped ponytail decorated with Crystal Barley Hairpins
Sophie May Photography

Bridesmaid Ponytail idea

Higher textured ponytail with Stardust Headband
Nellie Photography

6. You’re set on hair down.

Whether you want that back garden, no effort vibe; or a more polished shiny Hollywood waves approach, there is a hair down style to suit many bridesmaids.  For those strands that always manage to get in the way, you can choose to pin sections around the face back with a suitable headdress for dual purpose.

A word of caution if you are spending a lot of time outdoors.  If your hair stylist has spent hours creating those bouncy waves, or sleek straight locks then a touch of rain or wind can soon undo all the hard work. So consider this before you choose. If in doubt, your hairstylist can give you the very best advice.


bridesmaids hair down idea

Loose waves hair down and styled with the Clematis Hairvine

bridesmaids hair down idea

Unstructured hair down loose waves with Ivy Hairvine
Nellie Photography

7. And last but not least – Short Hair

There are so many ideas for bridesmaids short hair. A sleek bob, incorporating a braid around the front that curves to the back – this can be a great idea to add a comb for interest. Many hair stylists can replicate an updo by adding some extensions, or just working with a slightly longer short style. A pixie cut can be jazzed up with a delicate hairband or a crocodile clip. Ombre is a popular trend to add interest to shorter hair. Or add volume with some waves. So many choices are out there with a bit of research and finding the right hair stylist for you.

Carter Bobby Pins ideal for short hair

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