5 Wedding tiaras for a small intimate wedding

5 Wedding tiaras for a small intimate wedding

The wedding landscape has changed over the last 4 years, and there are more people now choosing smaller, and more intimate weddings, which can also be described as micro weddings.  So, from a wedding accessory perspective, I thought I’d put together 5 wedding tiaras that I think would suit a bride who has chosen to have a small intimate wedding.

Why a tiara can elevate your wedding day look for a small intimate wedding.

Your bridal gown will set the tone for your wedding look, so choosing hair accessories is one way to elevate your outfit, and bring individuality to your bridal attire. Tiara’s are an ornamental expression of a brides personality and style.

a chance to show off your personal style

If you’re choosing a smaller, more intimate wedding, then the chances are it is not all about big statements, or trends. It’s about you, your partner and those that are the most important people in your circle. So why not use this opportunity to show off your style with your outfit and accessories.

I have picked 5 wedding tiaras that I think will suit an intimate, smaller wedding:

  1. Nightingale Tiara
  2. Astrid Wedding Crown
  3. Dancing Bee Tiara
  4. Orelia Leaf and Floral Crown
  5. Hazel Bridal Crown


1. Nightingale Tiara 

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The Nightingale tiara is a great style for any romantic bride looking for a non sparkly, sophisticated style. It’s understated design is simple and graceful, and will give a subtle air of sophistication to a small wedding.


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Choosing a scenic backdrop for your wedding? Or perhaps a more sentimental, private garden micro wedding?  The Astrid bridal tiara is a minimalist pearl wedding crown design for modern brides that want beauty and simplicity and would be a delightful partner for these types of wedding. 


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Lots of my brides that have chosen Dancing Bee have opted for a more relaxed wedding vibe. And that is exactly what I designed this tiara for.   It radiates romance with its whimsical flora, petals, and seed stems. It features a little honey bee that finishes off this playful botanical crown.


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The Orelia bridal leaf and floral crown is not a crown of grand pronouncements, but a tale of whispered promises, of the quiet strength of the bride who wears it.

This leaf and floral crown is for the bride who seeks not to be the centre of attention, but to radiate a light that is all her own. So, what better way to celebrate your intimate wedding ceremony, than with a unique bridal crown.


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Are you considering a small, or micro wedding with an historical vibe?  The Hazel crown is a beautiful Vintage inspired gold pearl Bridal Crown influenced by the Art Nouveau era. With it’s elegant organic nature, and symmetrical form, it fits just as well with a historical country house with beautiful grounds, as it does with an inner city hotel.

other ideas for accessories for a small intimate wedding

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