Bespoke or off the shelf – Why I think bespoke is best.

Bespoke or off the shelf – Why I think bespoke is best.

Firstly, what is bespoke? It’s your chance to have exactly what you would like for your wedding. Everything from size and shape, to materials, is chosen by you. So what reasons are there to choose a bespoke design:

 1. It’s Unique

This one may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning. It’s your wedding day. All the choices you make for that day will be personal to you. You may have chosen similar wedding colours to other brides, but they won’t have chosen exactly the same venue, flowers, dress, ceremony, etc. Each of these decisions is made by you for your special day. So why not choose the same for your wedding accessories. Making them personal to you.

Bespoke design

2. It’s the best way to reflect your style and personality.

Following on from the first reason, it allows you to bring your personality in to your headdress or jewellery.  I’m a great believer that your jewellery must reflect you and who you are.  So what better way to do this than by choosing and designing what you wear on your wedding day.

Bride and groom close up holding hands. The groom wears a blue suit and the bride is wearing a feather bolero.

3. It’s perfectly made to measure.

It’s a chance to wear something that perfectly fits your head or body shape, makes you feel comfortable, something that isn’t too large or small, or too long or short; has the right colour tone, and sits just right with the hairstyle you’ve chosen. 

A Devon wedding by the beach

4. It can be more sustainable and made locally.

You haven’t bought something that has been mass produced and sent across the world.  I try and source as much of my materials and supplies from here in the UK by smaller, more local suppliers.

Bride stood in front of the camera looking down at her modest bridal bouquet of whites and foliage, with a lawn and trees behind

5. It is made for you.

Your style, your decisions, your uniqueness and your story. And this brings me on to number 6.

6. It brings your designer in to your wedding journey.

I become part of your unique wedding journey.  Someone to help with questions, worries, ideas.  No question is too silly or strange. You have the benefit of my experience and knowledge of weddings and accessories; and when you look back in years to come, you have the most wonderful story of how and why you designed your own accessories.

Birde stood with her back to the camera. Her veil has been caught by the wind and lifts high abover her showing her undone hair up bridal hair do, with a floral hair pin.

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