5 reasons to choose bridal hair pins for your wedding

Image by Emma Pilkington Photography

5 reasons to choose bridal hair pins for your wedding

Well, I am the first to admit I love the simple hairpin.  I don’t wear a lot of jewellery and I don’t often wear much in my hair.  So when I do, I want something that I don’t notice I am wearing, yet looks decorative and pretty.  This is where hairpins are just perfect. So here are 5 reasons to choose bridal hair pins for your wedding.

1. bridal hair pins are easy to put in

You can style bridal hair pins in the hair without even feeling them. They can be popped into an up do without too much effort or having to secure them. And they’ll slide out just as easily. 

Dawn Chorus Hair pins

2. Versatility – Hair pins allow you to style understated or big and bold.

You can either choose single hairpins to dot through your hair, or cluster with a slightly larger hairpin for a more dramatic look. Hairpins can make your headdress quite unique as you can style them so differently. 

Delilah wedding hair pins

Snapdragon bridal hair pin

3. Mix and Match hair pins for your wedding

Why not mix your hairpins with a comb or hair vine.  You can scatter them through the hair, or frame a larger headdress with decoration. 

Gemini star hair pins

4. They won’t detract from wearing a tiara or large bridal headdress.

They will complement.  You could be wearing a bridal headdress which is visible when you are having photo’s taken, but when you turn around it can’t be seen.

Wearing hair pins gives you some detail that will delight and be unexpected. I would recommend either choosing hair pins that are a similar style to your headdress. Or smaller pins that just add some delicate sparkle or detail and don’t clash.

Poppy Garden wedding Pins

5. Share wedding hair pins with your bridesmaids.

They are perfect for matching with your bridesmaids, and can help bring the whole bridal look together.  It can also help to make the wedding accessories for your bridesmaids more affordable if you share sets out between them.  It also brings unity to your bridal party look.

Clematis wedding hair pins

Baby’s breath hair pins

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