Babys Breath Hair Pins


Babys Breath Hair Pins

Babys Breath Hair Pins | Set of 5.  Designed to look like hand picked baby’s breath flowers from the garden for an informal bridal look.

Made with handmade ivory coloured flower sprays and freshwater pearls. There are 5 pins in total, and each can be styled anywhere in an updo. The could be clustered together as a small bouquet in the hair, or scattered.
Each pin is finished with a delicate stem which simply slides in to your hairstyle, just as a flower stem would.

Packaged in one of my beautiful white gift boxes and wrapped with white ribbon with gold Laurel Lime labelling.
This is a perfect gift to give a loved one, friend or family member.
In addition, the pins will be packaged lovingly in acid free tissue paper to ensure your headdress stays free from dust and stays clean.
Each Set comes with a single signature tag with our LL logo to finish it off perfectly.

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Images by – Emma Pilkington Photography and Iris and Ivy Photography