Is it normal to feel anxious planning a wedding?

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Is it normal to feel anxious planning a wedding?

Well the short answer is yes!  So, first and foremost please know it is completely normal. And most people will feel anxiety at various points through the planning process. So you can rest assured that you are not alone.

 1.So you are engaged and now you’re planning your wedding?

The first thing you will do is google something like ‘How to plan a wedding’, am I right?  You’ll find thousands (and more) pages talking about how excited you should be feeling, how fun it should be, and a huge list of the things you need to start thinking about.  I’m guessing at this point wedding planning anxiety may well be setting in.

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 2. Does this anxiety sound familiar?

If it does then it is time to relax a little. Almost all couples will have a wide range of feelings that will extend from a few concerns to worries about everything. And just reading about anxiety in the wedding process isn’t going to remove it magically. But there are things that can really help.


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 3. First on your wedding list – Get Wedding insurance

I do like practical advice, I find it easier to manage something when I know that I can literally tick it off the list. Insurance should be the very first thing to arrange. It means you can rest easy knowing that if anything happens you don’t need to worry about the cost.

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 4. when planning, Pick suppliers you trust.

This one seems obvious I know, but not everybody does due diligence when they are booking suppliers for their wedding.  Obviously recommendations is a good place to start, but don’t rely on this. Do a bit of (the good kind) stalking. Check out their website, social media, visit the venue, meet the people (preferably at their place of work). Pay via credit card for anything over £100 where you can. And always look at the small print. Reputable suppliers who ask you to sign a contract will have all the correct paperwork in order. 


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 5.  Pick the right wedding party for you.

I can’t tell you how many times I speak to brides and their main stress is a bridesmaid. No names I promise.  If anxiety is going to be an issue pick the people that are dependable, trustworthy and those that ‘don’t do’ drama. You want friends or family members that you know you can go to and they will say – ‘don’t worry, I’ve got it covered’. This is a big one. Don’t underestimate the importance of picking the right bridesmaid, maid of honour, or best man.


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 6.  Make things clear to all the wedding guests.

If you don’t want children there, then be explicit. If you want people to reply within a certain timeframe, then make sure you tell them. If you simply imply something, then it’s easy for people to get the wrong idea.  Always be clear on what you need from your guests. If you don’t want gifts do say – although this is a tough one, because people often don’t like turning up without something.


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 7.  Share the load to reduce anxiety.

Always talk to your partner about this. They may not be aware of your anxiety over the wedding. And they can certainly help with taking some of the load off. Finding time to take some ‘time out’ with your loved one can really help to gain perspective. And always talk to family and close friends about how you are feeling. Often people are desperate to help or listen, so give them realistic tasks that you are happy for them to complete – or at least be involved in. Remember not everything can be perfect. Always factor in a few imperfections and consider that there are always a few unexpected things that will crop up.

Above all remember the bigger picture… Your marriage x



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