Orelia bridal leaf and floral crown


Bridal leaf and floral crown

The Orelia bridal leaf and floral crown is not a crown of grand pronouncements, but a tale of whispered promises, of the quiet strength of the bride who wears it.

This leaf and floral crown is for the bride who seeks not to be the centre of attention, but to radiate a light that is all her own.

Each leaf is handmade, and delicately sculpted and decorated with a single pearlised seed bead. Each centred and cushioned with shimmering freshwater pearls and small ivory toned flowers.

There is a choice of 2 colourways ~

  • Choose gold for a warmer glow.
  • or silver to radiate the whiter shades.

The approximate height of this crown is 45mm at the highest point.

How to style this Bridal leaf and floral crown

Designed to be worn as a headband, which can be nestled in between flowing locks, and secured into a soft updo. This leaf crown has textured handmade leaves, and woven in between are sumptuous freshwater pearls. Large pearls adorn the base, and finished with ribbon for comfort in a choice of ivory or gold.

Will this Bridal leaf crown be comfortable to wear?

Like all my hairpieces, this crown is handmade in my studio. The band is soft enough that it will not rub, and because it is light you will barely notice you are wearing a headdress. If you feel you need to secure it further, you can slide a bobby pin at each end into the hair.

How will my  leaf and floral crown be packaged?

Every crown is finished in one of my beautiful white gift boxes and wrapped with white ribbon with gold Laurel Lime labelling. In addition, this crown will be packaged lovingly in acid free tissue paper to ensure your headdress stays free from dust and stays clean. Each headdress comes with a single signature tag with my LL logo to finish it off perfectly.

CAN I VISIT TO VIEW the Orelia leaf crown IN PERSON?

Yes, absolutely. If you would like to view and try on a headpiece or jewellery, or can’t decide which piece to choose then why not book an appointment to my studio in south Birmingham.

Model images: Charlene Webb

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