Planning a Winter Wedding

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Planning a Winter Wedding

So, you’re planning a winter wedding. It’s such a romantic time of year for a wedding, with twinkling lights, soft glowing candles, and warm fires.  And although most couples choose the warmer, lighter months of the year for their nuptials, the winter months can be magical; and often you’ll have a better choice of dates.

Aside from the planning that is needed for all weddings, there are a few extra considerations to think about for a winter wedding:

 1.  consider adverse weather for your winter wedding

This is a big one and one that you cannot control, so plan alternatives if the weather is going to be bad. Allow extra time for everything.  If there is snow, or torrential rain then it will take longer to travel, guests may be delayed, and the wedding professionals you’ve booked for the day may need more time.  

Planning a Winter Wedding

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 2. Prepare and dress for the winter weather.

Make sure your clothing and shoes for the day are suitable if you have to be outside for any length of time. A soft, warm bolero or jacket, an umbrella, or boots and wellies might well save your photographs from disaster. Advise your guests to wear extra layers. You may be in a church that, with all it’s modern heating now, will still be very draughty. You may also want to provide extra layers for guests by having baskets with blankets. This is a great way to show your guests that you have planned for their comfort on your wedding day.

Bride and groom close up holding hands. The groom wears a blue suit and the bride is wearing a feather bolero.

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 3. Consider using the same venue for the ceremony and reception.

This is a lot easier now that many reception venues have licenses to perform weddings. It eliminates issues with travel in between the ceremony and reception, and you won’t lose anyone on the way. You can all stay cosy and dry, which means you won’t have to worry so much about what you’ll be wearing. And once all the wedding professionals are there you can relax.

Planning a Winter Wedding

 4. Visit the Venue at night and consider your timelines

This is very important.  If you are planning a wedding ceremony later in the day, but want photographs taken in daylight then you need to factor this in.  In the shortest days of winter the light is gone by 4pm in the UK, and natural light photography becomes impossible. Your photographer can only work so much magic. What time will you want to have the ceremony? You want to allow for plenty of family and friends pictures. And remember to take in to account that travel time! 

You should allow at least 2 hours before sunset so that you can fit in those important pictures in the daylight. Talk to your photographer. They will suggest a good timeline for you to work with so you can get all the images you want.

Visit the venue beforehand at night. See what the lighting and heating is like. Will you be able to navigate the car park at night comfortably; perhaps have night time photos taken, and will it be warm enough for you and your guests?

Planning a Winter Wedding

 5. Check the winter wedding Venue Decorations.

Lastly, consider how the venue have decorated.  This is a really good idea if you are getting married near to Christmas. You want to make sure that the venue decorate in a way that suits your style and wedding theme. If you are going for elegant and classic, you may not want neon lighting and an inflatable reindeer in the gardens.

Winter Wedding

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