Why you should choose bridal jewellery for your wedding day. And how it can bring you joy.

Why you should choose bridal jewellery for your wedding day

I truly believe that jewellery has the power to bring you joy.  From the simplest, smallest pair of earrings to the most dramatic necklace. Jewellery has the power to elevate your outfit, boost your confidence, and change your mood the moment you put it on.  And I would be the first to advocate that jewellery brings you joy because significant moments in my life are punctuated with pieces of jewellery that I own. You can read about it here.  So, why should you choose bridal jewellery for your wedding day?

your jewellery is a window into your style and personality

The jewellery you choose to wear is a joyful way to show your own personal expression. Being able to personalise your outfit can help to give you confidence, and a sense of ownership and uniqueness to your wedding day. And for a quietly confident bride with a deep love for family and connections, the joy of choosing and wearing jewellery goes far beyond being just an adornment. It can be about celebrating connections; a way to subtly express your love, personality, and thoughtfulness with loved ones.

The joy of personal expression

Your jewellery can say so much about you without using words.  It is a way for you to tell your story, and  express your own identity. It is entirely up to you what you choose to wear, and feel will complement your outfit. You can choose to wear something that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear but have always wanted to, just once, for your special day. You may feel more comfortable wearing something that is closer to your every day wear so that you can continue to wear it time and again after your wedding day. That is the beauty of jewellery. It’s completely a personal choice.


Bride Vicky chose a customised Goldfinch comb in gold and silver to tie in with her nan’s Art Deco inspired earrings that she was wearing.  

Image by Amber Marie Photography

The importance of family connection

For so many brides, their family is their anchor. And some traditions and shared experiences hold deep meanings and therefore it is important to include them in the wedding. 

Perhaps you have a piece of jewellery, or item from your mother, or grandmothers wedding that you would like to be re-designed into something you can wear yourself at your own wedding. It allows you to have a piece of someone close to you there with you whether they can share the day physically with you or not.

Beautiful bride Rachel asked me to re-design her mothers bridal tiara into a wedding hair vine for her to wear at her own wedding. I carefully dismantled the tiara, and ensured I used all the crystals and pearls, to be re-worn again in a more modern way. A perfect ‘something old’.

Gorgeous bride Breeshey asked me to detach her mothers veil from her own bridal halo, and attach it to a headdress I designed for her. Allowing her to continue on the tradition of wearing a veil, but ensuring it reflected her own unique style for the day.

Each bride that comes to me requesting a re-design of a family piece of jewellery or headdress, or asking for a new design to reflect family or match a piece of jewellery, is wanting that family connection. A way to honour someone important, a gift of their love to the person being represented. It’s a powerful gesture that cannot be underestimated, and is seen in almost every culture.


Steven and Rachel. Rachel requested a re-design of her mothers tiara, into a bridal hair vine to wear to her own wedding.

Image by Gavin Hardy

A symbol of love

Gifting jewellery to someone special in your life, or receiving a precious thoughtful piece of jewellery yourself, is an act of love.  Choosing jewellery with a special person in mind is a considerate and intimate gesture that holds great meaning. Whether you make a choice based on style, type of stone, or adding meaningful details. These might include requesting a loved ones birth stone, favourite colour of pearl or crystal, or a perhaps adding a little detail like a bee, or bird that has a special significance. It is knowing that when you receive a gift of jewellery, that someone has a place in your heart, and a moment in your thoughts.


Erin requested a bespoke headdress to be worn with her mum’s veil.

Strengthening a bond

Matching, or complementing jewellery in the bridal party, or with a loved one creates a sense of unity and belonging on the day which can last far beyond the wedding day. 

It can become a frequent reminder of the wedding, or any event, that can be played out in your memories of a shared experience. Each of you that are connected being able to reminisce over the occasion, because you made them part of it in a special way.


A special moment for Claire. Image by Candid and Frank Photography

A chance for storytelling

Most of us have a piece of jewellery that is close to our hearts because it has a story behind it. This is another opportunity to add to the vast tapestry of our lives, and create another story telling opportunity. 

I love that my jewellery will one day be part of someone’s story, history and life. Because it has also been part of my life.

Images by Joana Senkute and Maila Enea

Images by Charlotte Palazzo


There is no full stop to your jewellery; meaning, love and attachment goes beyond just your wedding day and becomes part of your future story.

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