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Bespoke bridal accessories

Are you a someone who is looking to create a wedding that is completely unique to you? Are you looking for one-of-a-kind accessories or item of jewellery? Or perhaps you would like to personalise or redesign a piece of existing jewellery that is important to you.

If this is you, then you are a bespoke bride.

Unique wedding accessories and handcrafted elements

You’ll appreciate the handcrafted and artistic elements that goes into your bespoke accessories and jewellery and I’m sure will enjoy working in collaboration with your designer to bring your vision to life with your custom made piece of jewellery or accessory.

Handmade bespoke accessories

In these pages, my brides have come to me to request something bespoke, and or, personal to them. Something that they feel is very important to them, and needs to be sympathetically represented in their wedding. Enjoy reading about their journey or requests; and I hope it gives you some inspiration to begin a discussion about starting your own unique and bespoke bridal journey.

Bespoke Wedding headdress using family keepsake for Bride Rachel

Bespoke floral bridal hair comb for bride Breeshey

Bespoke floral bridal hair comb for bride; clustered with ivory coloured flowers, blush pink pearls and crystals.

A bespoke bridal hair comb for bride Lyn

Bespoke bridal hair comb for bride with crystals and pearls and flowers set on a page of stationery with blue ribbon.