Orange Blossom Hairvine


Orange Blossom Hairvine

Orange Blossom Hairvine – A half wreath clustered with seed beads, crystals, diamante and handmade crisp edged trio of layered ivory flower petals. The ends are looped to allow easy fastening with bobby pins, into the hair.

* Available in Silver or Gold.
* Crystals, diamante, pearl and handmade ivory flowers.
* Finished in one of our beautiful white gift boxes with gold signature.
* Each headdress is completely handmade and will be unique in nature.
* Packaged lovingly in our acid free tissue paper.
* Each headdress comes with a single signature tag with our LL logo.

Images made beautiful by: Photography | Nellie Photography Make Up | Chloe McCall Hair | Helena Sinclair

All our accessories are handmade, so if you see something you like, but would like to personalise it then send us a message and we can chat about what you’d like.