Bespoke Order 50% Final Payment Breeshey


Your Bridal Comb:

The main section of your comb will be made up of mainly flowers with a various stems of pearls (freshwater and glass) in different sizes and then I thought if we add in some rose coloured pearls and crystals too we could bring in some of the pink from the necklace.  The side sections will spray out and carry on the theme with mainly pearls and some of the flowers that will have a more ‘closed’ look to them working up the stems.

This will be fixed on to a comb which is about 80mm in width.  And the length of the full design will be about 22cm. so hopefully this will be a good length for the sides to curve around to the ears.

Price ~ £185.00

 Bridesmaids Comb:

I’ve echoed all the same elements as your comb but made this one a lot smaller with a 40mm comb. And made the 3 ivory coloured flowers the main feature. I’ll still add some stems of pearls and the coloured crystals into it, and they’ll have shorter sprays.

Price ~ £60.00 x 2 bridesmaids

Total = £305.00. Extra = £10.00 Bees

Deposit £152.50 paid

Remainder to pay £162.50