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Veils and Birdcages

Your choice of Veils or Birdcages will be individual to you. Always seen as part of tradition in a wedding, and to provide modesty for the Bride, We now see the veil as an opportunity for elegance, and sometimes a little mystery walking down the aisle.

I have 4 styles of Veils and Birdcages available here.  More styles are available on request of course.  Each of these designs is slightly different in style and all are made to order.  You can request a change or customisation to these. Also, you can get in touch about a bespoke design.

One question I get asked a lot is whether a veil can be worn with a hair accessory placed in the back of the hair. Yes, you absolutely can.  It’s best not to wear an accessory hair comb. The reason for this is that you will be wearing 2 combs. One for the accessory and one for the veil; so it will be a little bulky. However, hairvines and pins work very well and mean you can remove the veil later in the day, and still have your hair accessory in.

Questions and Custom Orders

And, as with all my accessories, I can adapt any design, or custom make something specific to your requirements. Send me an email, or contact me on the website or through the Social media. I will be happy to help with your request. I also have a small studio in South Birmingham that you can visit, via appointment, if you'd like to try on some of the styles.